Member Daniel Medical Group(DMG)

Opening Hours : Mon to Sat : 10am to 7pm
  Contact : T. 424-248-3115

Treatments Procedure


Appointment is strongly recommended. This is not mandatory but if you make appointment prior to visit our clinic you will save time.



  • Registration: Sheets of questionnaire are ready for better understanding of patient’s condition. Please fill out the questions with your medical history, chief complain, and if you already had treated your chief complain in other clinics please tell me what kind of treatment you have been through in detail. If you have lab test result and MRI, CT, and X-Ray film please let me know. Test results could help to understand your current body condition.


  • Consulting: consulting is focused to define what groups you are in according to 4 constitutional medicine. Once your body type is determined it helps me to find out origines of your illness and best treatment. Also iris diagnosis and taking pulse will be performed for more accurate diagnosis. Based on diagnosis, treatment will be performed. Therapies in the clinic are mostly using acupuncture, herbal remedy, exercising, zen or qi gong, cupping, acupressure & massage.


  • Treatment system: Analyzing constitutions and origin of diseases + detox + acupuncture + herb remedies + special treatment

    → healing and recovering/optimizing self healing power