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Male Menopause and prostate hypertrophy

What is male menopause?

Women may not be the only ones who suffer the effects of changing hormones. Some doctors are noticing that their male patients are reporting some of the same symptoms that women experience in perimenopause and menopause.

Since men do not go through a well-defined period referred to as menopause, some doctors refer to this problem as androgen (testosterone) decline in the aging male, or what some people call low testosterone. Men do experience a decline in the production of the male hormone testosterone with aging.

Unlike menopause in women which represents a well-defined period in which hormone production stops completely, testosterone decline in men is a slower process.

Male Menopause symptoms

Along with the decline in testosterone, some men experience symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, depression, and lower libido.

①cold sweat or night sweat, hot flashes, difficult get sleep

②loss of memories, busy brain, depression and anxiety, lose of desire

③fatigue and becoming lethargic

④sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass) and muscular power, pains in joints

⑤gynecomastia, loss of hair, increase of fat on the lower abdomen

⑥hyposexuality, erectile dysfunction, prolonged time for erection once ejaculated

Treatment for male menopause

Prostate problems

Herbal remedies can help nourishing blood and qui in order to get rid of inflammation on prostate.

Localized heat therapy treats prostatomegaly.

Herbs will be used to treat and prevent prostate problems.

Erectile dysfunction

Herbs and traditional Asian medicine could be used to recover balance of hormone level that causes erectile dysfunction and also provide more energy for everyday life.