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Female Menopause

Menopause affects every woman. Premature menopause symptoms (or early menopause symptoms) may include irregular periods or hot flashes. Other signs of menopause include night sweats, sleep difficulties, and irritability. Mostly between 40s and 50s women ovary functions of ovulation and secretion of female hormones getting weaker to stop.

This period is called menopause with symptoms like:

①Palpitation and anxiety. Dizziness and headache or migraine could appear.

②sleep difficulties, hot flashes, fatigue and pain during intercourse

③joints pain in arms, legs, shoulder, back

④irritated and depressed and forgetfulness

⑤menstrual disorders such as metrorhalgia


①Hormone Inducing: helps body to secret female hormone by stimulation using Asian medicine therapies,

→Hormone Inducing treatment prevents and effective therapy for osteoporosis and depression

→Hormone inducing treatment also slows aging process such as wrinkles and flaccid breasts.

②Using herb formula to provide more qui and blood. In Asian medicine theory, signs of menopause occurs due to lack of qui and blood in body.