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Many peoples are facing great amount of stress from many reasons. Those suffer from stress for long time; symptoms like fatigue, busy brain, loss of memory could appear.

Peoples could not have time for enough physical activity so that their immune system is in vulnerable situation against pathogens.

Also it is common among peoples suffering from muscular skeletal problems and digestive problems.

Asian medicine surely helps common symptoms of them. It is diagnosed that most qui concentrated only upper body without circulation from top to bottom and vice versa and condition easily causes abnormality of internal organs.

Therapies for peoples consist of herb remedy for concentrating on subjects without anxiety and strengthen physical condition. It also treats muscular skeletal problems and various allergic symptoms.



Depression is a syndrome comprised of some persistent negative emotions, which usually result in physiologic changes that impair the activities of daily living.


Insomnia can be viewed as inadequate or poor quality sleep due to any of the following: Unsatisfactory sleep,,,